Team, Strategy & Management Retreats

At the heart of every great organisation is effective teamwork. When teams are dysfunctional and team members do not play their roles effectively, organisations cannot be as successful as they can be. Just like a living organism, teams go through a lifecycle which can be seriously affected by significant events that occur at different stages of the cycle.

These significant events are not new. They are bound to occur and can have a dramatic impact on leadership performance, team motivation and overall productivity. We call these significant events “Defining Moments”. These are moments which can have a positive or negative impact on the team. They include mergers, takeovers, a change of leadership, new priorities assigned, an unexpected decision announced, project scope change, declining revenue, sharp increase in costs, government policy change, personality clashes, power struggles, violation of trust, fraud, a major mistake, recent poor feedback, unmet team and organisational targets, etc.

At our team retreats we help management teams and individual team members explore their team dynamics, redefine their strategy, improve their communication, acquire understanding, address interpersonal issues and resolve conflicts. We ignite team spirit!