What We Do

There are many training and HR organisations in Nigeria and around the world. As a company, we are not a jack-of-all-trades. We focus on learning solutions within our sphere of competence that add value to our clients. We deliver training consulting projects, learning workshops, psychometric assessments, coaching, management retreats and team away-days.

Training Delivery

We deliver bespoke and standardized training workshops. Our workshop programmes are based on world-class methodologies accessed through local and global alliances that enable us bring high quality learning experiences that are affordable to our clients. We hold several local and…

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We provide personal and group coaching in selected core areas. Our coaching engagement begins with an exploration of the specific growth objectives required. We use specific tools and certified coaches to help individuals or groups optimize their potential through personal…

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Recruitment Support

At TalentEquip, we believe we can really help your recruitment process. One of the biggest mistakes organisations make when recruiting new employees is to focus the recruitment on an important document called the resume or CV. This is not enough.…

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Team, Strategy & Management Retreats

At the heart of every great organisation is effective teamwork. When teams are dysfunctional and team members do not play their roles effectively, organisations cannot be as successful as they can be. Just like a living organism, teams go through…

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