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Overcome Major Talent Development Challenges

We help organisations by providing training workshops, personal and group coaching, personality assessments and management retreats.

Our Company

Since its humble beginnings in the home office of its founder, Mr. Victor Diali, in June 2011, the company, now operating from its office space in Lekki, Lagos, has grown, providing qualitative learning experiences to organisations within Nigeria and other parts of Africa. With the new office, the company is poised to bring world-class solutions to organisations around the world with a special focuss on Africa.

The company was founded by Mr. Victor Diali after 15 years of dedicated service in reputable organisations like United Bank for Africa Plc, NCR, Compaq, Hewlett Packard and Microsoft. Victor Diali currently serves the company as CEO and Lead Consultant. He is an exceptional trainer, facilitator, coach and speaker who has delivered workshops in several African and European countries.

TalentEquip was set up to help organisations overcome some of their major talent development challenges including the need for:

  • tailor-made, world-class, training solutions that align with the organisation’s vision, strategic objectives and culture
  • training programmes with measurable results that ensure increased return on investment
  • interactive training programmes that ensure “stickability” of principles and concepts
  • simple tools that are easy to understand and use
  • strategic and team retreats that ignite team spirit
  • Coaching

We help organisations by providing training workshops, personal and group coaching, personality assessments and management retreats.

Training Delivery



Team Retreats

Our Methodology

Our methodology is simple. We follow a process that ensures our clients get value for money spent. Our intervention cycle below depicts our engagement process:


We usually start our talent development interventions from a consulting angle. For us, it is not all about course fees. We are absolutely committed to helping organisations succeed. We work with your organisation to understand your business and people challenges. Working with relevant personnel within your organisation, we analyse the specific issues you want to address that are affecting employee performanceteam performance or company culture.


After identifying the intervention issues, we align our planned intervention with your company’s values and strategic objectives. With this deep insight we can work together to develop a tailored learning solution that works well for your business.


We believe key talent are the real assets in every organisation. All too often we find that several of these valuable employees are technically competent but emotionally incompetenttechnically buoyant but emotionally and personally bankrupt. We discover that organisations end up losing many of their key talent, after significant investment in their development, to negative issues relating to emotional intelligence, personality management and leadership competence. It is believed that employees who resign their jobs usually do not leave the company but their managersWe are committed to changing this.

Training easily helps improve technical competencies but emotional and personality issues are best addressed by combining training with standardised, qualitative assessments and coaching/counselling.

Our focus is on helping your organisation to train, coach and develop these identified key talents so they can achieve the very best they are capable of. We strive to provide your team with a programme of learning that is both effective and enjoyable. While implementing our learning solutions we use various methods to ensure effectiveness.


Our unique motivated learning methods have proved extremely successful in optimizing the learning process. While engaging with our clients, our focus has always been on ensuring that learning takes place in the most effective manner to ensure long-term results. After every intervention we evaluate its effectiveness vis a vis the identified objectives and client requirements. We do this using the famous KirkpatrickTM model.


Level 1: Reaction

The degree to which participants find the training favourable, engaging and relevant to their jobs. We sample the feelings of the delegates right after the learning session.


Level 2: Learning

The degree to which participants acquire the intended knowledge, skills, attitude, confidence and commitment based on their participation in the training. We sample their learning through pre and post tests, quizzes or spot checks.


Level 3: Behaviour

The degree to which participants apply what they learned during training when they are back on the job. We sample this through engaging with line managers to compare before and after parameters.


Level 4: Results

The degree to which targeted outcomes occur as a result of the training, behaviour and the support delegates get from the company or their line managers.

We also provide clients with on-going support and tools for follow-through which ensure delegates continue to develop over the long term.

In all our training events, we apply tested principles that ensure effective learning.

Our Philosophy

Psychologists tell us that motivation is the key to human action. At TalentEquip we strive to ensure that our programmes are not “death-by-PowerPoint” but are motivatinginspiring and fun.


We have discovered that when we create a non-threateninghumorous and playful environment, we inspire deep learning.


No matter where they are coming from, when our delegates enter our training environments, they become eager to learn. When this happens, learning can become truly effective. We inspire our delegates to make personal and conscious decisions to learn and can rest assured that training will be effective and organisations will see behavioural change, not just in the short term but on the long term.

Our Team

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