Recruitment Support

At TalentEquip, we believe we can really help your recruitment process. One of the biggest mistakes organisations make when recruiting new employees is to focus the recruitment on an important document called the resume or CV. This is not enough. Many organisations that base their recruitment on resumes usually end up with bad hires because of several reasons. 

The resume tells you a lot about skills and competence but usually does not give you insight into the emotions, attitudes, motivations, strengths and weaknesses of the potential employee. The resume is usually written by the candidate themselves and is written in such a way as to put them in the best light possible. Most resumes are misleading and HR and recruitment managers must move from relying just on resumes.

We support your recruitment efforts by providing your candidates with a world-class personality profile which gives you a unique insight into the candidate’s unique personality, strengths, weaknesses, management style and team behavior. With the profile you have an independent assessment of the candidate from an angle that you would never see on a resume. That way, hiring managers can make better informed choices and have more relevant interview questions, leading to better placements within the organisation where candidates can thrive as “round pegs in round holes”.