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Flying Blind
This game helps participants to see the benefits of helping others in the team. It encourages individuals who are weak in some areas to trust and rely on other team members who may be strong in those areas.

It builds sensory acuity as the blindfolded team members must learn to decipher the voices of their team members and differentiate them from those of their competitors.

As the game develops, it becomes apparent that without trust and proper communication, the team cannot experience true success.

What will the group learn from this activity?
Participants will be able to reflect and judge for themselves the current state in their organisation:
The company we keep
Some of the clients we have worked with:
  • microsoft
  • university
  • zenith bank
  • mtn nigeria
  • hewlett packard
  • mutual
  • Nigeria Employers Consultive Association
  • Diamond Bank
  • lagos business school