Colourful Selling
Selling Skills for the Sales Professional
There are basically two popular approaches to sustaining business – reducing operational costs and increasing profitable sales. Interestingly, most CEOs and their company managers know what to do to lower costs but increasing profitable sales is a major challenge.

Unfortunately most sales people get into the sales profession by accident and have never been trained in the rudiments of selling. Their focus is on canvassing, persuading and convincing customers. Selling for them is by trial and error.

That was okay in the old days of selling but selling as a profession and practice has evolved over the years. Modern selling techniques advocate a consultative approach.

This workshop helps to improve the performance of sales professionals to ensure that they develop skills and strategies that will equip them to grow their sales exponentially while discovering and uncovering new pipelines of sales opportunities? The workshop is designed to teach sales people what it takes to be effective in today’s world of professional selling.

It draws on the foundation of Insights Discovery®, a personality-based learning system, to equip sales people with a unique approach to effective selling.
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  • Nigeria Employers Consultive Association
  • Diamond Bank
  • lagos business school
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