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Personality Profiling
personality profiling

Human Resource professionals and Psychologists appreciate and understand the value of psychometric profiling tools that help in the understanding of behaviour by assisting individuals gain insight into their strengths, areas for development and the impact of these on relationships.

At TalentEquip, we make extensive use of profiling in all our programmes. There are two profiles we use very often, The Insights Discovery® Personal Profile and the Insighst Discovery Full Circle profile. Both tools which is use the Discovery model of the four colour energies - Cool Blue, Fiery Red, Sunshine Yellow and Earth Green to provide leaders and team members with a model with which to explore their psychological preferences and communicate with the team using a common language.

People love our Profiles because they are:

insights personal profile
Insights Personal Profile

insights full circle profile
Insights Full Circle Profile

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sample insights
Download a sample Insights Profile
sample insights
Download a sample Insights Full Circle Profile
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