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Personalised Coaching with Insights®
A coaching programme for individuals and training for groups

About this Programme
Personalised Coaching with Insights® is designed to help individuals fulfil their potential as individuals or leaders. It will help you enhance your knowledge and significantly improve your ability to successfully coach others using the Insights Discovery® Profile and model.

There are many situations where training alone does not work. Sometimes, people have challenges that training cannot solve. Some people need a more personalised approach, a more detailed engagement where personal issues affecting productivity can be dealt with in a respectful and inspiring environment.

During our coaching engagements and training programmes on coaching, we make extensive use of the Insights Discovery Personal Profile. This profile provides us with useful insights into the individual, their strengths, weaknesses, personal style and management style.

Participants at our training programme on coaching will learn about the importance of developing a Coaching Culture and see how to use the Insights Discovery® models and tools to support and motivate staff to set and achieve meaningful goals. They will learn to develop and extend their coaching skills to bring great value to their organisation.

The programme is highly interactive and will involve participants in group exercises and role plays that are fun and exciting.

Target Audience
The coaching programme is ideal for individuals and managers. It is also ideal for managers who have been through our basic personal effectiveness programme or our leadership effectiveness programme.


Learning Objectives
What delegates will learn from this course:
Gain a thorough understanding of self and personality;
How to deal with personal issues affecting success
Gain access to an inspiring and engaging personal development system that helps personal growth and professionalism;
Develop useable strategies for building an effective coaching culture;
Increase productivity and personal effectiveness

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This course is highly interactive and practical. It is full of group exercises and individual activities that reinforce learning. Role plays and demonstrations are used extensively in the programme.

Delegate Takeaways
Delegates who attend this course could receive:
Insights Personal Profile
Insights Workshop Journal
Writing materials
Quick Reference cards
Certificate of achievement

1 day
The standard version of this course is delivered over one full day. It can however be delivered as a customised in-plant workshop for half day.

Scheduled dates:

For In-house delivery hosted by your organisation, please Contact us today. Contact us also to discuss your unique needs and requirements, request full course details including detailed topics or a FREE demonstration in your office.
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