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Leadership Effectiveness Solutions
All around the world, and in virtually every society, true leadership is scarce. Leadership is probably the scarcest of human skills. Virtually every problem, in almost all societies can be traced to a leadership deficiency at one level or the other. To succeed in these times, organisations must imbibe a leadership culture. They must move from the traditional concepts of management to the principle-centred concepts of transformational leadership.

Our leadership effectiveness solutions are designed to help managers not just to develop modern management skills but to imbibe key leadership principles that transform them personally so they can transform their organisations, bringing about a balance that makes a huge difference in the bottomline.

At TalentEquip™ , we focus on the individual first, for, as Mahatma Ghandi said, "We must become the change we want to see." Change starts from within. Only after the individual is transformed within can he/she transform his/her world without.

Leadership Coaching

leadership coaching
Take leadership development to a new level of success with the TalentEquip Leadership Coaching Programme. We coach leaders to perform and teach them how to coach their teams using the Insights Discovery® Personal Profile and the four-colour model. Through this programme leaders start their journey towards expertise in understanding, developing and influencing their teams. Read more…

Leadership and Management Training

Leadership and Management Training
Leadership training is key in helping leaders acquire the necessary skills and competence in producing results through people. Through our leadership training leaders explore their understanding of themselves and how their psychological preferences affect their performance. Our training programmes increase leaders’ ability to master themselves, inspire, motivate and influence others, leading to total transformation in their leadership style. Read more…

Personality Profiling

Leadership and Management Training
Human Resource professionals and Psychologists appreciate and understand the value of psychometric profiling tools that help in the understanding of behaviour by assisting individuals gain insight into their strengths, areas for development and the impact of these on relationships.. The Insights Discovery® Personal Profile is a personal development tool that uses the four colour energies of Cool Blue, Fiery Red, Sunshine Yellow and Earth Green to provide leaders and team members with a model with which to explore their psychological preferences and the team with a common language.Read more…

Leadership Retreat/Away Day

Leadership Retreat and Away Day
The success of every organisation is dependent to a large extent on the leadership team. Typical work schedules of leaders and tight deadlines do not allow leaders truly work together to achieve success. When leaders get together on a retreat or away day, they learn how to understand and respect each other, valuing their individual differences and unique contributions in a positive way. During retreats with their teams they are able to improve teamwork, communication, performance and productivity. Read more…

All our leadership and management programmes are fully customisable. Contact us for a FREE demonstration in your office or to discuss your specific needs.
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