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There is no cure and no improving of the world that does not begin with the individual himself - Carl G. Jung (Two Essays on Analytical Psychology)
Our Personal Effectiveness solutions are based on Carl Jung’s premise that all change and development starts from within and it is this principle which underpins our approach to personal effectiveness. We approach personal effectiveness from a unique exploration of personality. The journey starts with an enlightening, magical and fun exploration of self, examining all facets that make each of us unique individuals and heightening our self-awareness. We look at the strengths and weaknesses of each personality type and then create strategies for taking advantage of this knowledge to improve effectiveness at work.

We continue the journey by exploring our psychological preferences so as to understand why we behave the way we do and adapt our style for improved interactions with those we relate with.

Finally we look at strategies for personal and professional development which refine behaviours, improve capability, and give individuals the confidence and competence to excel.

Our personal effectiveness solutions are based on the world-class Insights® Discovery learning system.

Here are some of our Personal Effectiveness Solutions:

Personalised Coaching

Personalised Coaching
We help individuals perform at their highest level by creating a platform for personalised analysis and feedback. During our personal coaching sessions, individuals spend time with one of our seasoned coaches who can help them with personal challenges affecting their performance and productivity. Our coaches provide professional advice and support that help individuals excel at work and in their private lives. At the heart of our coaching programme is the Insights® Discovery Personal Profile, a world-class psychometric tool that is simple and stunningly accurate. Read more…

Personal Effectiveness Training

Personal Effectiveness Training
Leadership training is key in helping leaders acquire the necessary skills and competence in producing results through people. Through our leadership training leaders explore their understanding of themselves and how their psychological preferences affect their performance. Our training programmes increase leaders’ ability to master themselves, inspire, motivate and influence others, leading to total transformation in their leadership style. Read more…

Personality Profiling

Leadership and Management Training
Human Resource professionals and Psychologists appreciate and understand the value of psychometric profiling tools that help in the understanding of behaviour by assisting individuals gain insight into their strengths, areas for development and the impact of these on relationships.. The Insights Discovery® Personal Profile is a personal development tool that uses the four colour energies of Cool Blue, Fiery Red, Sunshine Yellow and Earth Green to provide leaders and team members with a model with which to explore their psychological preferences and the team with a common language.Read more…

All our training solutions are fully customisable. Contact us for a FREE demonstration in your office or to discuss your specific needs.
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