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Supplementary Chapters
Management Chapter
This chapter is a valuable inclusion within a leadership or management development programme. It enables managers to consider their own management style as well as the needs of those they manage in terms of motivation, working environment and preferred style of leadership.
Personal Achievement Chapter
This chapter leads the individual from an initial understanding of self towards an exploration of how they can grow and improve in specific areas of personal achievement such as goal setting. The chapter can form an integral part of a personal effectiveness or coaching programme.
Effective Selling Chapter
This chapter explores individual approaches towards selling and influencing at each stage of the sale from preparation to follow-through. It can be customised to reflect an in-house sales model.
Interview Chapter
This chapter is a one-page supplement providing pertinent questions to assist in the recruitment and selection process. The questions probe and stretch the candidate, raising levels of self-awareness and identifying areas of strength and areas for development.

Insights Discovery has its roots in the work of Swiss psychologist Carl Jung. It is continually validated and refined by the Insights research team to ensure it is always accurate and deeply insightful. For more information, you can download Insights Discovery’s validity and reliability report issued by the University of Westminster’s Business Psychology Centre.

The Insights Discovery Personal Profile is available in over 30 countries and 25 languages. It is available to independent individuals and groups in any organisation.
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